Voices and Testimonials

"William has a rare combination of highly developed strategic and creative instincts that result in really smart and effective marketing solutions that are communicated in a highly refined manner. He's my favorite kind of client because I know that he's always open to fresh thinking that challenges the status quo, and that he'll champion innovative solutions he believes will drive improved brand and marketing performance. His perspective is empowering not only to vendor/partners like my agency, but also to his corporate team members because it inspires ambitious thinking aimed at delivering ambitious results. He's on my A-List."
Rick Julian
Art + Science + Murderous Intentions = High Performance Brands
"William is an extremely creative marketing leader with a world of experience in global branding, messaging, campaign development and communications. William works well with sales and executive leadership in conveying marketing value. He's a great manager, trusting his team to do what they do best."
Kira Mondrus
CMO - Strategic Marketing Executive with Global Demand Generation, Campaign Mgt, & Marketing Operations Experience
"I've found Will's ability to match creative ideas with business goals to be of great value. Most people are good one or the other, but he is able to bridge the gap so that interesting ideas aren't self-serving, they serve the bottom line. Having seen his work both as his employer and later as a consultant, I know how valuable he is to an organization's success."
J. Frank Vespa-Papaleo
Executive Leader - Principal Deputy Director of Fair Lending
"Mr. Scheckel is an awesome teacher with a great personality. He makes everything sound easy and fun. After taking two of his classes, including advanced social media, I have to thank him a lot for teaching social media in a fun, informative and original way."
Kim Chabaud
Responsable Communication Digitale chez Le Club des Annonceurs
"I can only say thank you to William! His valuable insights about Brand Strategies, Customer Engagement and Social Media Reputation have maintained my keen interest and confirmed my professional orientation. William always remains available to extend discussion which is very much appreciated."
Mathilde de Sainte Marie
Digital Consultant
"When I first heard that Seeburger was hiring a "Marketing Guru from New York", my first reaction was dismay. As a salesman, I felt that we should focus on sales and went on to feel a bit annoyed that we were probably going to be lectured on "brand awareness" or "psychographics" or "social media". However, within an hour of meeting him I found that William is one of the few marketing professionals that understands and appreciates how a sales person actually uses the sales process and is able to incorporate it in a way that makes sales an organic extension of his marketing campaigns. I would wholeheartedly recommend William to any organisation that is looking for a marketing professional who can do the job, reach the targets and, more importantly, skip the BS."
Ben Cooper
Corporate Account Manager at Citrix
"Professor Scheckel's unique teaching method allows for critical thinking beyond any textbook. He stimulated discussion by probing our strengths as students. As a student in his social media for business class, I found his knowledge outside of the classroom to be beneficial in my grasp of digital marketing and learned the importance of creating remarkable content. One of the most important lessons I learned throughout the semester is that we are greater than the work we create. This was so refreshing to hear as a first-year graduate student. His humor and thorough explanation of topics and homework assignments allowed for an enjoyable seminar and further reinforced my career goals."
Monica Hernandez
Account Coordinator at Hotwire

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