A Selection of Recent Media Appearances - and Some Old Favorites

This Will Save You From Incurring Losses Caused by Cybersecurity Risks and Fraud

“…No surprise that 75% of 500 businesses surveyed by Experian worldwide in 2018 are now seeking more advanced security measures and authentication processes to protect their customers.”

Oxford BioChronometrics is One of the Few Companies Truly Fighting Digital Ad Fraud

“…We’re looking at how that thing knocking on your digital door is actually behaving. Is it what it claims to be? Because we look at it from a security point of view, we are able to look behind their mask to see if that digital actor is pretending to be something it’s not.”

Digital distractions make leaders less influential

“…if they want their messages to be influential, William Scheckel, adjunct professor of communication at the New York Institute of Technology, says there must be a degree…”

Mr. Media: Die letzte große Abrechnung

“…Der Cyber-Security-Experte William Scheckel behauptet: “Wir gehen davon aus, dass heute bis zu 90 Prozent des Online-Traffics einer Kampagne aus Bot-Traffic bestehen kann…”

"Bis zu 90 Prozent des Online-Traffics können von Bots stammen"

“Manchmal kämpft die Digitalbranche mit Problemen, die im Prinzip recht haarsträubend sind. Nicht nur, dass Kunden oft gar nicht wissen, wo ihre Werbung zu sehen ist. Oft ist noch nicht einmal klar, ob es überhaupt Menschen sind, die sich die Anzeigen anschauen.”

Digital Ad Fraud is a $20 billion Issue. Here’s How to Stop It — Q&A with Oxford BioChronometrics’ William Scheckel

“…As digital consumption grows and print consumption shrinks, and traditional TV models are being turned on their heads, more and more advertising is turning digital. It’s online. It’s on websites. It’s on social networks. So, ad metrics are becoming increasingly important for the companies that are trying to get their word out…”

Addicted to Facebook? 6 Signs You're Social Media Dependent

“Increasingly, interpersonal communication seems ‘hard,'” said William Scheckel, marketing adviser and adjunct professor at the New York Institute of Technology….”

Scary or cool? Directors can track how that film makes you feel Behind the scenes: What happens when you wear a biosensor to the movies? CNET's Stephen Shankland traveled to Cannes to find out.

“We already use the existing social platforms, especially Facebook, to log our emotional state,” he said. “We casually weave our emotional state into the monologue of our posts so well and often that Facebook allows advertisers to target the psychographics of their audience…”

Personal Branding: Marketing Pro Remakes His Image

“It was an eye-opener. I realized that I needed to put together this pitch, to get the word out about me. It was very helpful to get that kind of support.”

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