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From The Economist to WNYC to universities around the world, I am proud to have been an invited speaker for the past 20+ years. Check out my testimonials and press pages to see how I've helped programs keep their audiences engaged through messages that matter.

Moderating a Conversation with Composer Philip Glass and Scientist Dr. Michael Turner for the University of Chicago

Social Media
Unlock the Power of Social Networks - Including specialized topics for B2B, start-ups, artists, entertainers and non-profits.
Branding Essentials
How to Stay on Top of Best Practices - a toolkit for the modern marketer.
How to Generate Excitement with Investors
Personal Branding
Make the Impression You Want - apply marketing practices to yourself and make a mark on the world.
Digital Marketing
Make the Most of Digital Tools to Brand Yourself, Engage Audiences and Drive ROI
Make a Splash. Be Heard. Get Your Idea off the Ground - a great topic for discussion in groups or one-on-one training.
Job Seeking & Resumes
Brand Your Job Search! - use best marketing practices to make your resume stand out from the rest.

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