Listen. Create. Engage. Win.

I've worn a number of hats in my marketing career, working my way up - and often, thankfully, been in the right place at the right time.

As a frequent speaker on national tv and radio, at events and universities, I hear about the challenges organizations of every size face, no matter what line of business they’re in. And wherever I go, and whatever the budget, I carry with me the lessons I’ve learned regarding reliable revenue generation through listening to audiences, creating content to build a bridge to them, and allowing them to interact in a way they find meaningful. That experience can be put to use for you with a single email.

In the press and with clients, I’ve been called a “marketing guy”, branding consultant, social media expert, communications “czar”, professor, ad tech specialist, cybersecurity “insider” and a lot more. It’s easier if you think of me this way:

Call me a global brand catalyst.

A catalyst makes exciting things happen to those around it. As a marketer and business development leader, I make exciting things happen for brands like yours around the world. And exciting things always happen when you engage with the people in your audience in a meaningful, human way.

Technology and modern marketing techniques allow us to interact with heart and soul, to strip away the layers that were traditionally between us and make a valuable, personal connection.

In a world of infinite choices, emotional connections matter. Make your marketing matter to the people you need to continue to grow.

Budget management experience

Employees managed, led & trained

Websites & digital communities built and maintained

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I began my career in digital marketing back in July 1994, when I was asked rather abruptly “What’s this Internet-thing you kids have today and why should I care?"
From that question, and thanks to the people sitting at the table (my mentor, her husband and their friend who asked the question – and who happened to be the CEO of Nestle), an advisor role was born.
Since then, I have worked with 4 heads of state and countless companies from the truly global to start-ups and everything in between. My goal has always been to help organizations of every size and every industry tell their stories so they can better help their audiences.
Some of my more notable clients and employers include SAP, IBM, Deutsche Bank, Shell, Epson, New Jersey Institute of Technology, New York Institute of Technology and HSBC.
Since 2010, I have taught seminars on social media at NYIT in a program I developed in 2009. To date, almost 1,000 students have passed through my training. And over 80% of them work in digital marketing now.
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