Social Media Training

Does your group need a private social media course to train your team and implement a plan and policies? Are you making use of  the right platforms? And do you have a handle on the best practices of each social network?

With 9 years’ experience conducting social media training, I can help your team – or just you – get on top of all the tools you need to know to make the most of these platforms in a cost-effective way.

Brand Audit

What are your roadblocks when it comes to getting your message across? Are you consistently delivering the quality you expect? How effective are your competitors at it? Does your audience care about what you’re doing? Let’s take a close look at what you’re doing and where your pain points are to find your competitive edge.

Social Media Plan

Your strategic growth depends on using all available tools to the best of your ability. The ROI of social media can be enormous if you have a plan to operate against. Most companies storm into social marketing, don’t get traction and then ask “What am I doing here?” Or, just as bad, they don’t get started at all because they don’t know if it’s for them.

Working together, we can find the right way for you to engage with your audience on social media. Let’s chart a course that will get you and your audience to where you want them to be.

Remember, if you’re not on social media, your audience will talk to your competitors instead!


Social Media Audit

Cutting through the chatter on social networks can be a real challenge. Does your audience think you’re saying something worthwhile? Do they engage with what you’re putting out there? And what about internally – do you have a plan and policy in place that explain what you want to achieve with social media? Let’s see how you’re doing and talk about how you can find your audience and grow your influence.

Websites & Communities

A professional website is an essential asset for any business. It has to be easy to navigate, simple to update and should offer your audience a reason to return and stay engaged. Let’s create a new hub for your digital community that reflects your most up to date information, attitude and approach.

Nation Branding

Enhance your image on the international stage with the ultimate blend of B2B and B2C messaging. How do you take a nation and enhance its identity? How do you join the conversation to encourage business growth, investment and tourism? Few know how, even fewer have the experience to walk you through the ins and outs of engaging on the international stage.