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Our class will take place on Zoom at the scheduled time for the rest of the semester. I will post the meeting link on the wiki and Blackboard and I will send it to you via email.

As we find our way in this new format, please also note that the role Twitter plays in class has already dramatically increased.

Class Basics

Comm 345 M01

Tuesdays 2:00PM – 4:50PM
MC 61, Room 924


Inbound Marketing, Revised and Updated: Attract, Engage, and Delight Customers Online
by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah
ISBN-13: 978-1118896655

Week 1: January 21

Introductions - Syllabus, Background and Lesson 1

Who are you and why should I care? Why should you care who I am?

There’s a lot to cover beyond the syllabus, so let’s get to it, from the definition of a brand to how this class will get you a job.

Nice to meet you, let’s get to work.

Week 2: January 28


We’ll be discussing: What a blog is, why we’re talking about it first, why It matters and how to do it well.


Inbound Marketing: Chapters 1 – 4

Groundswell: Pages 9 – 38

Week 3: February 4

Blogs Part 2 & Wikis

Wikis are platforms for collaborating on work. How can businesses use wikis to improve efficiency and enhance creativity across teams and between employees and vendors?


Inbound Marketing: Chapters 5 & 7

Groundswell: Chapter 6

Week 4: February 11

LinkedIn, Facebook & Why No One Ever Cared about Google+

From Friendster to MySpace to Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+: the evolution of friending and what it all means to businesses trying to engage their audiences.


Inbound Marketing: Chapters 6 & 8

Groundswell: Chapters 3 & 10

Week 5: February 18

No Class This Week (Monday Classes Meet Today)

Please be sure to write another blog post and post to your wiki. We will review on  Feb 25.

Week 6: February 25

Social Networks: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Why No One Ever Cared about Google+

Why is Twitter important? Why does it have the ability to create or destroy a brand’s reputation? How can you compress your products, services, business, opinions and life into 140 keystrokes and have it make a difference?

And, time permitting, let’s talk about Facebook. Sure, if you live in the Northeast or the West Coast of the US, it’s going out of style fast, but it’s still the biggest player in the game while it lasts. So let’s take a look.


Inbound Marketing: Chapters 6 & 8

Groundswell: Chapters 3 & 10

Week 7 & 8: March 3 & 10

Wrap Up Facebook & Picture Your Brand

This week, we look into how they can make your brand more visual without getting sued. Did you know taking an image from Google Image Search might end up costing you $1200? Find out how to use visuals in a strong, engaging and legal way on your blog, Instagram and Snapchat to drive traffic to your site and interact with your audience.


Read Chapter 8 in Inbound Marketing

Week 9: March 17

Spring Break!

Week 10: March 24

Mid-Semester Check-in PLUS Peer Review Prep

We’ll be discussing the story so far, review best practices as well as how to structure the peer reviews due on March 29 and to be discussed on March 31.


Read Chapter 5 in Groundswell

Week 11: March 31

Peer Review – Note: Attendance Tonight is MANDATORY!

Discuss the paper you just wrote with the person you wrote about!
Earn 20% of your grade! Find out how – last week.

Week 13: April 14

Capturing Your Brand in Video

This week, we look into how they can make your brand more transparent, drive traffic to your site and interact with your audience through video.
Let’s talk about how YouTube and Vimeo build your business.


Read Chapters 10 – 12 in Inbound Marketing

Week 14 & 15: April 21 & 28

The Future of the Corporate Website and Social Media Policies AND How to Create a Social Media Plan

How is all of this technology changing how more traditional business assets, like Web sites, and events and conferences take shape?

And how do companies try to manage how employees use social media sites both at work and home? This is a huge issue and we will take a close look at some of the radically different approaches companies are taking to preserve their brand and influence the attitudes of their customers.


Read Chapter 14 in Inbound Marketing, Chapter 7 & 8 in Groundswell

Week 16: May 5

Social Media Disasters

Even professionals blow it now and then. Learn from their (highly public) mistakes so you know what not to do!


Chapters 12 & 13 in Groundswell and Chapters 16 & 17 in Inbound Marketing.

Week 17: May 12

Final Paper Conversation and Social Objects

Week 18: May 19

Paper due today!

You know the drill. Good luck!