Moderating a Conversation with Composer Philip Glass and Scientist Dr. Michael Turner for the University of Chicago

Invited Speaker on a Variety of Topics

From WNYC radio to Fox & Friends, Q-104.3 Classic Rock Radio to KBS1-TV (South Korea’s premier television station), I have had the privilege to share my 25 years’ experience with audiences on air and in person around the world.

Available for private and public events, you can get an idea of what it’s like to work with me through the testimonials of many who have and see why media outlets like The Economist, CNet, The Ladders and many others turn to me when they need a voice that cuts through the chatter.

Let me know the subject you’re interested in and we’ll tailor something unique to suit your needs.

Social Media

Unlock the Power of Social Networks without Spending All Day on Your Phone

Including specialized topics for B2B, start-ups, artists, entertainers and non-profits.

Digital Marketing

Make the Most of Digital Tools to Brand Yourself, Engage Audiences and Drive ROI

It takes knowing what you’re doing to make your digital marketing matter, so let’s walk through the ins and outs and tricks of the trade.

Branding Essentials

The World of Branding Has Changed Dramatically - How to Stay on Top of Best Practices.

A toolkit for the modern marketer. Looking beyond the edge of your desk to see the whole picture.


Make a Splash. Be Heard. Get Your Idea off the Ground.

You have a good idea, maybe even a great one. What does it take to make it a viable business? An excellent topic for discussion in groups or one-on-one training.


Find Investors Who Care about What You're Doing.

How to raise money for your next round of investors and secure your organization’s future.

Job Seeking & Resumes

The World of Branding Has Changed Dramatically - How to Stay on Top of Best Practices.

There’s no more important career document than a resume. Learn how to use best marketing practices to make your resume stand out from the rest. And learn how to use tools you might not be thinking of to find a job and prepare for an interview.

Personal Branding

Make the Impression You Want - and Make People Take Notice.

Who are you and why should I care? That’s the question I ask everybody. What’s your answer? What does your audience say about you when you leave the room? Do they talk about you at all? Apply marketing practices to yourself and make a mark on the world.